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Glowfly Icon

Icon & Logo Design

Looking to update your company logo or do you need a new icon for your app? Let the pixel perfect professionals at Spiderfly Studios craft a new logo or icon for you! Whether it is just a single icon/logo or an entire set, Spiderfly Studios will create a clean, professional icon (set) in full print ready format to ensure the graphic will look great regardless of how it is later used. Choose one of our affordable options below or contact us today for a free, no-obligation custom quote.

50% of the proceeds will go directly to a cancer patient in need. Spiderfly Studios proudly stands up to cancer.

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[pricing_table type=”standard” columns=”4″][pt_column][pt_price]$50[/pt_price][pt_package]Single Icon[/pt_package][pt_details]A single icon designed in print-ready HD. Order two icons and get the third half off!

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[pt_column][pt_price]$100+[/pt_price][pt_package]Icon Set[/pt_package][pt_details]Full icon set of up to 20 small app or web ready icons. This pack can be modified to suit your needs. Each added icon: $5+. Cost may vary.
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[pt_column][pt_price]$150[/pt_price][pt_package]Single Logo[/pt_package][pt_details]A single logo design in print-ready HD. Order two logos and get the third half off! Need something a little more? Ask us about a full branding pack at a reduced price!

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[pt_column highlight=”yes”][pt_price]$200+[/pt_price][pt_package]Full Icon & Logo Set[/pt_package][pt_details]Full custom icon and logo set. Great for small branding and marketing needs. This package can be fully customized to suit your needs.
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Looking for something a bit more custom?

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