Splash Screen
Home Screen
Features three sections: Updates, Cryptids, and Sightings.
The icon up top gives quick access to a Cryptozoology toolbox. App settings would allow you to choose whether the icon opens the camera or video recorder when you long press.
Updates Screen
Cryptids Page
Features a search bar to search for cryptids in the database of known cryptids. Bottom tile of letters allows you to browse the database.
Cryptid List
List of cryptids seen when pressing a letter on the main screen tile.
Cryptid Info
Sightings Page
The top section will show info on the most recently reported cryptid sighing. The list below shows the name of the cryptid sighted, its location. The list also features a button that will show you on a map where the cryptid was sighted.
Cryptozoology Toolbox Screen
Compass Screen
Audio Recorder
Walkie Talkie Screen